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Mira Hormone Monitor: Basic Kit

Start with 2 hormones (LH, E3G)

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Mira Hormone Monitor: Max Kit

Start with 3 hormones (LH, E3G, PdG)

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Mira Hormone Monitor: Clarity Kit

Start with 4 hormones (LH, E3G, PdG, FSH)

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Get Pregnant Online Course

8 modules by world-renowned fertility experts

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Mira's Fertility Meditation Playlist

Reduce the stress affecting your fertility

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Mira Ovum Wands

Tracks FSH

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20 Mira Fertility Max Wands

Track 3 Hormones (LH + E3G + PdG)

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20 Mira Fertility Plus Wands

Track 2 Hormones (LH + E3G)

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