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20 Mira Fertility Confirm Wands

Tracks PdG
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Single-use, disposable urine test wands made to track PdG (Pregnanediol-3-Glucuronide). Specifically designed to test using the Mira Monitor, their science allows you to comfortably test at home to confirm your ovulation and track your cycle. Continue taking control of your fertility journey with Mira.

To use the Mira Fertility Confirm Wands, you need Mira’s monitor software version is or higher.

Must be used with the Mira MonitorIt is not recommended to use the Max Wands and the Plus & Confirm Wands during the same cycle. Please use them separately. See why.

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Regular price $112.00 AUD
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Why should you measure your PdG levels?

Identifying your PdG levels can help you confirm ovulation and make your fertility journey much easier.

Get pregnant faster.

Identify if you ovulated even if LH surges seem low.

Take control of irregular cycles whether you want to know your fertile or infertile window.

Know if you ovulated easily. No hard-to-read tests or waiting for results.

Get personalized insights and analytics through the Mira app.

Monitor your hormone levels after getting off birth control.

1 Mira Fertility Confirm Wands
  • 20 Individually Packaged Single-use Pregnanediol-3-Glucuronide (PdG) Test Wands
  • 1 Silicone Cup
  • Quickstart Guide: Step-by-step instructions for everything you need to get started with Mira
2 Mira Monitor
  • Wands must be used with the Mira Monitor
3 Mira App
  • The Mira Monitor syncs with the Mira App that is compatible with all iPhone devices (iOS 10.0 and up) and Android devices (Android 5.0 or higher)
  • Requires Bluetooth

Product benefits

There are many benefits to tracking PdG levels with the Mira Fertility Confirm Wands, including:

Confirm your ovulation from home.

Numeric value of PdG hormone level as in a lab.

Stay organized. Automatically sync your readings to the app.

No faint one or two lines. Understand results without guesswork.

Test PdG, E3G, LH together with one Mira Monitor to see your cycle pattern.

Painful and expensive blood tests? Forget those!

Finally understand your whole fertility picture with Mira Fertility Confirm.

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Spot your ovulation

Our integrated charts help you spot your ovulation easily.

Why track your PdG
hormone levels?

Progesterone is the main hormone present during your luteal phase. Rising progesterone levels, which can be detected by the urine metabolite of progesterone, confirms you successfully ovulated.

Mira Confirm accurately measures your numerical PdG levels to know when your fertile or infertile window is.

Quickly identify your ovulation and automatically sync your data into the app. Plus, by combining LH, E3G, and PdG testing using with the Mira Monitor, a 360-degree view of your fertility is now a possibility.

Disclaimer: Please note that Progesterone (measured in ng/mL) should not be confused with PdG (measured in ug/mL), the urine metabolite of progesterone commonly used in at-home testing. Mira exclusively tracks PdG.


Mira Wands

Mira Fertility Wands

The simple disposable urine test Wands accurately track luteinizing hormone to identify both fertile and infertile days. Must be used together with the Mira Monitor.

Mira Fertility Plus Wands

Mira Fertility Plus Wands measure Estrogen-Estradiol Metabolite (E3G) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels at home and work with the current Mira Monitor. You are able to see your Estrogen and LH levels, know your cycle phases, hormone patterns, and all fertile days and infertile days.

Mira Fertility Confirm Wands

With Mira’s Confirm Wands, you can easily track your PdG hormone levels and if you wish, combine this information with the Mira Fertility Plus Wands, which measure luteinizing hormone + estrogen levels. However, this is not necessary; you can track PdG levels exclusively without combining your readings. Must be used together with the Mira Monitor.

Using the Mira Confirm Wands is easy

*Before each test, push the power button to turn the Monitor on. Then, launch the Mira App to make sure both devices are linked and syncing.


Dip the wand into your urine sample for 10 seconds. We recommend you use your first-morning urine or limiting fluid intake for two hours before testing.


Insert the wand into the Mira Monitor.


Wait approximately 16 minutes. You will see a countdown timer on the Mira Monitor.


Take control of your fertility journey with this information. All results are saved and synced into the Mira App.

How our approach is different

Mira Confirm Fertility Wands
Blood test at a lab
Test strips
A clear, numerical, easy-to-understand reading
Non-invasive approach
Results are always quantitatively crystal clear
Take control from the comfort of your home
Test as many times as you need during the cycle
Highly accurate results without blood
Getting personalized fertility tips & insights


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Recommended by:

Meir Olcha, MD.

Medical advisor and partner at Mira. OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology. FACOG

“The Mira Fertility Tracker offers excellent quality and accurate results at the patient's fingertips. As a health provider, I find that Mira’s quantitative measures far outweigh most qualitative over-the-counter kits. Mira is far more useful in clinical applications. We utilize Mira with our patients to help them successfully monitor, track and succeed in achieving pregnancies.”

Erin Foran Wolff, MD

Partner at Mira. OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology. FACOG.

“As a fertility specialist, I was used to seeing my patients’ hormone results only twice per cycle. With Mira, I can see hormone patterns throughout many days of the cycle, over multiple months. This has provided clinical insight I have never had access to before, and allows me to tailor treatments in a much more individualized way. This personalized approach has helped patients become pregnant at significantly higher rates than standard, traditional, and generic fertility protocols.”

Gary S. Nakhuda, MD

Research collaborator at Mira. OB/GYN, Reproductive Endocrinology. FACOG.

"From my perspective as a reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist, Mira is a game-changing tool for patients and clinicians. With the convenience of home urine testing, the quantitative data of a laboratory blood test, and an informative and engaging app for hormone tracking—it seems to be the best of all worlds to improve the patient experience and optimize treatment outcomes. We are actively pursuing approaches to incorporate Mira into fertility treatments to reduce the burden of unnecessary blood tests and clinic visits.”

Dr. Li-Shei Lin

Medical Advisor at Mira. Certified in Ob/Gyn and reproductive endocrinology and infertility and clinical professor of reproductive medicine

“As female hormonal levels change according to the menstrual cycle, the knowledge of hormonal event such ovulation renders women the confidence and freedom in decision making when a reliable home test device is available.”

Dr. Li-Shei Lin

Medical Advisor at Mira. Certified in Ob/Gyn and reproductive endocrinology and infertility and clinical professor of reproductive medicine

Dr. Marc Sklar

Partner at Mira. The Fertility Expert.

“My favorite way to track ovulation right now is Mira Fertility. It is high lab-grade quality hormone testing at home. My favorite thing about this technology, the App, and the whole system is that it really takes the guesswork out of ovulation tracking.”

Dr. Marc Sklar

Partner at Mira. The Fertility Expert.